I have been in the home furnishings industry my
ENTIRE life.  My family has owned furniture stores for
three generations.  My experience working for my
family sets me apart from other finishers.  I have
worked in ALL aspects of the furniture business and
have connections with local suppliers AND national
manufacturers and distributors.

I recognize that today's economy doesn't allow for
frequent furniture purchases.  I work with consumers
to extend the life of their furnishings
normal wear and tear.

I am fully equipped and will bring all the tools and
materials to
YOUR home to avoid annoying handling costs
that other finishers charge when only working in
off-property workshops.  To inquire about a piece in your
home, call or e-mail me.  We will discuss your options and
YOU decide what repair fits your budget and

Feel free to text or e-mail pictures of the damage to help get the
most accurate estimates.  If your product is less than five years
old, try to include date of purchase, dealer/retailer,
manufacturer, and model number if available.